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Global Market with MLM Software

Direct selling brands are becoming more influential and popular. People’s tastes are as different as their cultures and hobbies on each continent. We were interested to discover the popularity of direct selling companies among these masses, as well as the interesting trends related with them, all around the world.


This study aims to uncover the top direct selling brands’ search patterns as well as the countries where they are most popular. This paper also explores direct selling brands and their regional product preferences.

Research methodology:

Using Google Trends, we chose 50 of the top 100 direct-selling businesses and studied their country-specific search trends from December 2020 to December 2021.

We discovered a curiously interesting factor.

While compiling the statistics, we discovered that, with the exception of the six direct selling companies provided here, all of the top 50 direct selling companies are well-known outside of their home nation.


How will this research affect your business?

The information offered here may be used across your business for marketing and sales enablement purposes by teams all around the world.

In paid search, the data may be utilised to predict seasonal trends, assisting you in cost planning and inventory stocking far in advance of the season.

By delivering hot subjects and offers that generate quality traffic to your website, your SEO and content marketing may profit from an effective depiction of your target market’s trends.

Increase ad engagement rates by integrating hot themes that convey information more effectively to your target audience through your ad and email campaigns.

Analyze your competitors in your busy market and devise new ways to beat them.

Conduct market research in your most important markets to learn about local trends and preferences.

After doing the research, we discovered that each country has different preferences for a specific brand, how long it has been carried through, and how quickly it is lost. It is now up to direct selling firms to capitalise on the patterns and habits of their worldwide audience, and how successfully they do so will determine the extent of their success.

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