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Matrix plan vs board plan

Today As more people join to achieve their financial goals, multi-level marketing (MLM) or network marketing is gaining popularity around the world. The societal value of Covid 19 increased as a result of its impact. In today’s world, there are numerous MLM companies. Different businesses in various countries choose the best business/marketing strategies for their specific needs. Software companies provided MLM software for MLM companies based on their MLM plans. Some of the most common MLM plans used by MLM businesses are binary, matrix, board, generation, unilevel, hybrid, and differential plans.

In this blog, we will compare the MLM Matrix Plan and the MLM Board Plan. In the network marketing industry, these are the two most common compensation plans. Despite sharing the name “Pay Plan,” the two plans operate in very different ways. Like many others, these plans have advantages and disadvantages, as well as strengths and weaknesses.

MLM Matrix Plan

In the industry, the MLM Matrix Plan is a well-known MLM plan. It’s also referred to as a forced matrix MLM plan. It functions according to the compensation structure. The MLM matrix plan is defined by its width and depth. The matrix’s width and depth indicate the basic structure of the MLM matrix plan.

The MLM matrix plan searches from top to bottom and left to right. In a Forced Matrix plan, on the other hand, the member can be placed wherever he or she wants. The main advantage of this plan is its narrow width and small number of customers. Unlike other MLM plans, the MLM Matrix plan limits the number of distributors you can sponsor on your first level to a maximum of five. Another name for this MLM matrix plan is the 2×2 Matrix cycle plan. The most common MLM Matrix plans are 4×7, 5×7, 2×12, and 3×9.

The ability to spread is the most popular and distinguishing feature of an MLM matrix plan. It helps you motivate your downline recruiters to add more people to their downline. The matrix plan commission calculation is streamlined and simplified by the MLM Matrix plan calculator. It provides members with advantages such as matching, sponsorship, position, and level.

MLM Matrix Plan Software

Cloud MLM Software Solutions provides its clients with MLM Matrix Software. This web-based application assists our customers in tracking the earnings and expenses of their downline. Our MLM Matrix Software eliminates manual labour and is extremely effective for MLM businesses of all sizes.

Advantages of MLM matrix plan

  • The MLM Matrix Plan is unique in that it allows for spillover, and it is extremely adaptable. Users can personalise their businesses however they see fit.
  • The MLM Matrix plan is extremely simple, practical, and straightforward.
  • The MLM matrix plan is easy to implement.
  • The width limitation lowers the risk of MLM business.
  • Once you’ve filled your frontline recruiters, you can focus on developing them into leaders.
  • You can earn money in the MLM Matrix plan through a variety of means, including bonuses and rewards.

MLM Board Plan

The MLM Board plan is another well-known MLM compensation plan in the MLM industry. Another name for it is a revolving matrix plan or matrix cycler. A group of members known as the Board collaborates on this plan. The members collaborate as a group, and when the board reaches a certain size, it divides into two sub-trees.

How Does MLM Board Plan Works?

When the board of members in the MLM Board Plan system becomes full, it frequently subdivides, and the top-ranked member of the board is assigned to another board. This arrangement occurred by chance. The number of referrals determines how members move.

When you join the MLM Board plan, you will be assigned to a vacant board and will be responsible for recruiting new members to fill the down lines under you. The structure, number, and dimension of each company’s down lines will differ.

Commission/Bonuses in MLM Board Plan

  • Referral bonus
  • Matching bonus
  • Level commission
  • Position bonus
  • Board completion bonus
  • Board split commission

MLM Board Plans

Popular MLM Board plans are,

  • Single Board plan
  • Multi-Board plan
  • Shuffling Board plan
  • Auto Filling Board plan
  • Manual Filling Board plan

Features of MLM board plan

  • Extensive Board Income
  • The Recycling entry system into the board
  • Auto splitting of boards
  • Finding an associate board .
  • Auto promotion of distributor to a higher board and many more

A comparison of the MLM Matrix Plan and the MLM Board Plan

MLM format or MLM system

MLM Matrix is a forced matrix-based plan, whereas MLM Board is a revolving matrix-based or recycling entry system-based plan.

MLM implementation

The MLM Board plan is much easier to apply and implement than the MLM matrix plan. A team of members known as a board works as a team in the MLM Board plan, whereas the down line distribution in the MLM matrix plan is determined by fixed width and depth.

Down line Distribution

The Board plan splits the board automatically, whereas the Matrix plan spills over depending on the width and depth parameters.

MLM Bonuses

MLM bonuses are lower in the MLM Matrix plan than in the MLM Board plan. The MLM Board plan generates a sizable amount of board income. Referral, matching, level, position, board completion, and board splitting bonuses are available in the MLM Board plan, whereas sponsor, level, position matching, and forced matrix bonuses are available in the MLM Matrix plan.

Down line development

Because the board plan is based on a recycling entry system and auto-promotion of the sponsor into a higher board, the down lines in the plan can be easily extended, whereas the MLM Matrix plan is limited to the width and depth of the plan.


In short, the two MLM Plans are currently the most well-known MLM Plans. These two types of MLM Plans are supported by online MLM solutions, and anyone can compare them using our free MLM software demo.

A well-known MLM software development company, Online MLM Solutions, provides the standard features recommended for successful multilevel marketing businesses.

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