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MLM Features


We give you some of the best features of our MLM software products and services.

Dynamic by nature
  • Our MLM software is built with dynamic features to assist our clients efficiently. It has the functionality and feature to update using content management system.
  • Functionality to add multiple projects
  • Complete system log information and audit trail
  • Multi user level permission levels
  • Data dump export features

Mobile friendly

Our software is developed for the dynamic E-commerce market place. We develop MLM software that are mobile friendly by following latest mobile website guidelines.

Security Features
  • Secured data communications with SSL encryption enabled and digital certificates.
  • Safe compliant software
  • Register with E-mail communication
  • Username or password recovery
  • User Management and Module access management
  • Internal and external data housing
  • Strong passwords and captcha system
  • IP blocking
  • Reliable high volume transaction processing
  • Address Verification Service support

Payment gateways
  • Our MLM software alleviates the complexity of integrating electronic payment support by providing widely used gateways.
  • You can handle your credit cards and E-check transactions easily. You can avoid wasting your money and time in developing home systems to integrate E-commerce facilities.

E-wallets and debit cards
  • Our Simple secure and instant payment solutions enables close association with other companies
  • Your distributors can choose payment mode based on personal preferences from multiple payment methods
  • We have leading commission payment solutions for direct selling business
  • Ex: Prepaid cards, bank deposit and online e-wallets
  • We offer low cost and local payment services across global networks
  • You can showcase your corporate identity and brand awareness with distributors across payment channels
  • Domestic and International payment services
  • We provide best solutions to pay your distributors and clients

Taxes Understanding multi levels of direct selling sales tax compliance Shipping facilities

Manage your own shipping logistics and integrate shipping solution provider with number of fulfilments

Payment Card Industry

Our PCI consists of leading credit card companies and gives standards in online payments. You can avoid risk in merchant account with our certified PCI service.

  • Credit Card processing and support for every major Internet Payment Gateway

API Integration

Our MLM software provides various application interface to run in different platforms.


Direct selling business thrives with the use of blogs. Our MLM software offers various tools to run your own blog and distributor’s blogs. It gives reliable communication and engagement with distributors as a strategy to drive traffic to site.